NOW I see why she’s always tired and hungry

Everything Taubes wrote made sense when I thought about Juliana’s history.  Juliana’s ability, at the age of four, to eat enormous quantities of pasta and be hungry two hours later was explained.  Her obvious preference for simple carbohydrate foods–bread, pasta, baked goods of all kinds–and her difficulty controlling her intake of such foods was not a lack of willpower but a normal response to the hormonal signals her body was sending.  Her frequent lethargy, from a young age.  Her constant hunger on the Packard program made sense.


  1. Yes!! The same reason that I would eat a HUGE bowl of oatmeal for breakfast because it was “whole grain” and “healthy”. Two hours later it felt like I had eaten NOTHING for breakfast!

    Now I eat meat and eggs for breakfast every morning. I’m not hungry until lunch, no “crashing” feeling. AND my cholesterol numbers are excellent!

    And, my type 1 daughter eats the same way, and does not even need a meal time insulin shot!

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